'What is Leadership & Life Coaching?'

Are you ready to: Make real, positive and lasting changes to your life? Discover and follow your personal values, vision and mission? Acknowledge and leave behind old self-limiting beliefs and habits? Take responsibility for your life? Improve your career and work / life balance? Follow clear, actionable steps towards achieving the life you want? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I am here as a trusted partner to help, support, challenge and guide you every step of your journey to success.

What To Expect:

Leadership Coaching

Great leaders don’t blame their tools. They work with a coach to sharpen them.

How it Works

Life Coaching

As a coach for leadership and life, I empower you to get the most out of every aspect of your life. Together we will work with patience, creativity and challenge in order to support the individual growth, development and success that you desire.

Take Action

Investment Into Yourself

Life Coaching gives you the rare opportunity to stop the hamster wheel of life, stand still and take an unbiased look and evaluation of any or all aspects of your life. Only then can you decide what is most important for you, you’re your core life values are and make the positive change necessary to raise your happiness levels.

Begin Your Journey

Hear From Our Clients

  • Gillian unterstützte mich

    gezielt in der Erarbeitung meiner eigenen Mission. Aufgrund ihrer starken Kommunikationsfähigkeit, 
    ihrem klaren Blick für das wesentliche und ihre ausgesprochen liebevolle und höfliche Art gelang es ihr mit mir gemeinsam zielorientiert mein “Missionstatement” 
    auf Papier zu bringen. 

    Danke Gillian für das klare Zukunftsbild auf Beruf und Privates.   Ich freue mich auf die neue Herausforderung! 

    Yvonne Appelt, Prokuristin Technoform Bautec GmbH
  • Gillian supported me specifically in the development of my own mission. With her strong communication skills, her clear focus on the essentials and her very loving and polite nature, Gillian helped me to decide upon, clarify and get my “mission statement” onto paper.

    Thank you Gillian for bringing me to such a clear picture of the future, not only for work but also in my private life. I look forward to my new challenges! 

    Yvonne Appelt, Company Director Technoform Bautec GmbH
  • Working with Gillian has been a life changing experience for me. I would recommend Gillian to anyone seeking support & growth and encouragement to keep you “On Mission”.

    Rhea Hallick (National Defence, Winnipeg, Canada)